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Matt Carpenter downhill on Barr Trail Need to find a new running challenge? Want to share one of your favorite trails with the running community?   Need to know where to relax and have a cold beer or a hot chocolate when you get off the trail? Looking for someone willing to get up as early in the morning as you are? is an online resource for runners who want to explore Colorado's mountains and parks. Use the links to the left to find a new trail. You'll find information about trails provided by the runners who know them best.

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We want to hear from you about your favorite trails.  Use the "Review" link above to get in touch with us. Running a mountain trail When you write your review, don't forget to mention that coffee place with the lemon pound cake that you always stop at on the way home.

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We hope hikers and mountain bikers will share the trail, too!

Coming Up in August: Pikes Peak Marathon--August 22

running shoe prints